What is the difference between the female mind and the male mind?

Modern research has come to a very significant fact, one of the most significant achieved in this century, and that is that you don’t have one mind, you have two minds. Your brain is divided […]

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You may not know but man also has his period every month

You may not know, but man also has his period every month. Because it has no physical expression, for centuries nobody has been aware that man also goes through the same cycle. He has to, […]

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Loneliness is misunderstood aloneness

Life is nothing but an opportunity for love to blossom. If you are alive, the opportunity is there–even to the last breath. You may have missed your whole life: Just the last breath, the last […]

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Marriage and Love

Marriage is against nature. You can be certain only of this moment that is in your hands. All promises for tomorrow are lies–and marriage is a promise for your whole life, that you will remain […]

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Guatemala.. May 12

Somewhere in Guatemala.. my bus breaks down.. the driver says it’ll be an hour untill the next one comes. People look annoyed, a few foreigners and the rest are locals. A couple steps from the […]

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Osho, Do you think that women alone are responsible for the Liberation movement?

The Liberation movement that is going on in the world is a man created phenomenon, a male-created phenomenon. You will be surprised about it, that it is again a male conspiracy. Now man wants to […]

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“What do you see as the greatest need of contemporary woman?”

Because the woman has been dominated, tortured, and reduced to a nonentity, she has become ugly. Whenever your nature is not allowed to go according to its inner needs, it turns sour, it becomes poisoned; […]

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A woman asks Osho, “I have felt inside me a deeply buried, revengeful, cold rage against all men who have ever forced, raped, killed or hurt women. This feels like something I have been carrying […]

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There was a man who did not grieve when his son died..

There was a man of Wei, Tung-Men Wu, who did not grieve when his son died. His wife said to him:” No one in the world loved his son as much as you did, why […]

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You are man and woman

Everybody is a man and woman, and you should become aware of it.  Everybody is both but up to now the society has been conditioned in such a way, we have been taught and brought […]

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