Osho, Do you think that women alone are responsible for the Liberation movement?

The Liberation movement that is going on in the world is a man created phenomenon, a male-created phenomenon. You will be surprised about it, that it is again a male conspiracy. Now man wants to get rid of women. He wants to have no responsibility. He wants to enjoy women, but only as fun. He does not want to take all the other responsibilities that come with it.

Now, this is a subtle conspiracy: The man is trying to persuade women all over the world that the woman has to become independent. It is a subtle trick. And the male mind is cunning and the male mind is succeeding. And now many woman have become poisoned by this idea.

Do you know? The first persons who started talking about equality between men and women were men, not women. The first persons who started talking about it, that they should have equal freedom, were men, not women. The seed comes from the male mind. And it has always been so. Whenever a man feels what is in his favor, he manages it. His cunningness is very subtle. And sometimes he manages it in such a way that the women thinks she is doing it on her own.

In the past also it has been so. Man has persuaded women in the past that they are pure beings, angels. Man is dirty, boys are boys–but the woman? She is divine. Man has put woman on a high pedestal; that was his trick to control women. Man has worshipped, and through worship he has controlled. ANd naturally, when the woman was on the pedestal she thought that she was something divine–she could not do those things that men are doing, she could not, because that was going against her ego. That high pedestal was very ego-satisfying. She was the mother, she was divine; she had more divine qualities than man. Man is ugly, immoral, and all that. Man has to be forgiven.

So man, down the ages, remained in his ways. And the woman was high. But this was a trick; the ego was persuaded. And once your ego is persuaded, you are caught. Then you cannot move from your posture. To ask for equality will be a kind of fall–you will have to come down to become equal. It was a strategy, and the woman followed it. She remained pure, she remained a virgin up to the marriage.

In the West, man has persuaded women, “Now you have to be free, you have to be equal.” Because now things have changed, times have changed–a man would like to enjoy more women than just his wife. Now he wants absolute freedom. And they only way to have absolute freedom is to give absolute freedom to the woman. And he has persuaded her again. And now the women protesters and women’s liberationists, they are shouting with their whole heart for liberty and equality. And they don’t know they are again in the same grip: Again man is persuading them. Now man wants to use them and throw them aside with no responsibility attached to it.

If you look deeply into the whole matter of it, you will be surprised. The male mind is a cunning mind. The woman is more innocent; she cannot be so strategic, so political. She has always believed the man. And you will be surprised: These Lib women are again believing in the man! Nothing has changed. Now this is is in favor of the man–that you should be free and you should not ask for any commitment. He does not want to commit himself, he wants to have all the freedom. He does not want to take the responsibility of your children. HE does not want to live with you forever, he wants to change his women every day.

But now again he is creating beautiful words: One should live in no commitment. One should live without involvement. One should not be possessive, one should not be jealous. Now again he is creating beautiful philosophy. He has done it before too–and then too women were deceived, and again they are going to be deceived. Women trust. Trust is easy for them; love comes easier to them than logic. And they are very much concerned with the immediate. The man always thinks of strategies, tactics, what will happen, how it will happen–he thinks of the future, he plans for the future.

The atmosphere is such that a woman has to be equal with man. She has not to be interested in the home, family, children, motherhood. She has to become interested in poetry, in literature, in painting, in science, in technology, this and that. Now women’s groups gather together around the world to raise their consciousness. And all their consciousness-raising sessions consist of only one thing: That they have to destroy something deep in their womanhood. Only then can then can they compete with men.

They are soft, naturally soft. They cannot compete with men. If they want to compete with men they will have to become hard. So whenever you come across a Lib woman you can see the face loses softness. It is very difficult to say to a Lib woman, “Baby”–very difficult. And she will be angry too, she will not like it. Why “Baby”?–she is equal to you. Hardness arises.

All kinds of struggle give hardness. And you may be trying not to be interested in the home, because if you become interested in the home then you cannot compete in the world. IF you become interested in children you cannot compete in the world; then that becomes a distraction. And if you have to compete in the world and prove that you are as strong as men, you have to somehow become more like men.
And this will be a loss. This is a loss–because the only hope for humanity is the softness of woman, not the hardness of man. What is needed is that man should become more like woman, rather than woman becoming more like man.

Women are pulling against themselves, trying hard to manage. But that is not natural. The natural is the womb in the woman–that womb hankers for a child. That womb hankers for a home. The home is the visible womb outside the woman, it is a projection of the inner womb.

Once a woman is no longer interested in the home, she is no longer interested in her womb. And that womb is there. And men and women are not equal, because man is missing that womb. How can they be equal. I am not saying they are unequal, but I am certainly saying they are not equal. They are so different–how can they be equal. They are polar opposites. They are so different, they cannot be compared in terms of equality or inequality. A woman is a woman, a man is a man. And they should remain man and woman. A woman should remain interested in the home, because once she stops being interested in the home she will stop being interested in the womb, in the child. And then naturally she turns into a lesbian.

My own understanding is that man has to become a little more feminine. He has gone too far away in becoming a man, he has lost track of all humanity. Don’t follow him, don’t compete with him–otherwise you will be going on in the same rut, in the same routine. You will become warlike. And the Libbers screaming and shouting and protesting on the streets are just ugly. They are showing the worst traits of the male mind.


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