Guatemala.. May 12

Somewhere in Guatemala.. my bus breaks down.. the driver says it’ll be an hour untill the next one comes. People look annoyed, a few foreigners and the rest are locals. A couple steps from the bus there’s a small store, there’s a happy little man cooking up some chicken and fries in front of it. It smells goood… The sun is out, I step in the store and get a cold drink, glass bottle. I step out.. On the other side of the street there’s a cute little house with three beautiful trees, one is carrying big red flowers. Birds are chirping and flying around. The scent of the air is on point. I look around.. Everybody’s sitting.. People look tired, people look unhappy.. I’m standing.. feeling good. I look at the fries sizzling and go get a plate. The cook drowns them with ketchup and mayo and pierces one of my fries with a toothpick. Very nice.. I take a sip of my half liter pepsi and watch the street dogs walking around, looking for food. Some look weak and hungry, while the others seem strong and lazy. I don’t finish all the fries, so I hook up this black dog with some goodness. I packed light, two bags with me, clothes and my big boy camera. I take a deep breath.. everything smells lovely. A few moments later a truck parks to my left; about 8 cows in the back. The smell of shit lingers in the air. I smile.. I’m such a little kid. I grab my bags and start walking towards the chicken.. six chairs are in a little shade, people sitting, enjoying their food. The two chefs are smiling and fucking around. I ask the first, “puedo sacar foto?” He smiles, his boy with a gold plated tooth, says, yea facebook, facebook. I take about six pictures. The chicken and fries cooking with people in the background looking like, “where the fuck is the bus!?” While I’m putting my camera in the bag I feel some eyes on me. I look up and see two guys looking like they would love to snatch my camera. I finish my pepsi and look straight at them. The little boy in me transforms into a grown ass man. With one look I let them know that I would smash their faces in if they tried something stupid. They don’t want none. Phuum.. back to the little kid again. I start making a beat.. my fingers on the glass bottle. No thoughts.. just this great feeling inside. I look at this weird bottle and decide there’s something cool about it. I decide I’m taking it back to Florida and place it in my bag. A butterfly passes by my face complementing a thought in my head. I smile.. feelin good. A woman to my right throws a piece of chicken to this older, white dog. The black dog from earlier comes rushing with a bark, and takes his cookie. The white one doesn’t even put up a fight. I look at him and think, “what a little bitch.” I feel bad for for a moment, his spirit looks like it’s been broken for years. Three geese appear across the street, walking funny towards an empty hammock that is moving back and forth. The street is alive and moving; new people coming to eat. It looks like this is that chicken and fries spot that the whole town knows. I start yawning, think of someone special.. and start laughing..
I’m such a fool.. 🙂 Life is good.
I feel something behind me. It’s that white dog again. He lays on the pavement and closes his eyes. Something tells me to go and touch him. I place the palm of my hand gently on the top of his head. Tuttt. he jumps up and snaps his jaw.. damn I’m quick. He gets up and walks away. I’m not mad that he tried to take my hand, he got scared. Who knows whens the last time someone touched him with love. I can tell his been abused for a while. I’m glad I touched him, who knows what he felt. I look back at the chicken and a thought pops up in my head, Luda’s album “Chicken and Beer.” I go into the store and open the fridge. No Gallo, so I grab a Modelo. Lighter. pumm..The cap is off. Tastes good. I feel someones eyes on me. A woman smoking a cigarette. I acknowledge her and look away. The sound of a tv is behind me, I turn around. Chelsea vs. Psg, 9th minute. This is the 2nd time I’ve looked at a tv on my trip in Guatemala. The first was Ronaldo’s header while I was in a store grabbing a Gallo..Rui.. I watch a few passes, who’s gana win? I decide real quick that I dont give a fuck. I turn around and see a baby wearing a diaper, sucking on a red lollipop, smacking one of the street dogs in the but. His mom laughs. A gay guy, sitting next to his mom gives me a look. I look back at him like, “be serious,” he looks away. A younger kid comes rolling down the street on his skateboard, he’s coasting… first person I seen skating while here.
I’m still feeling good, like time doesn’t exist. The scent of the frying chicken fills the air once again.. I decide I have to try some, even though I don’t fuck with wheat anymore. The cook gives me a drumstick and a thigh. I hand him money and hear the new bus parking behind me.. What timing.. I eat the drumstick and step in the bus. I hear a lady bitching how it took two hours for the new bus to arrive. I smile.. shit felt like ten minutes.
Find a seat, I start eating the thigh, sweat is dripping down my face.. I don’t care. The skin is super crunchy, the meat is so juicyy.. The bones are clean. I look down my shirt and pick up a few crums and eat them up. The best motherfucking fried chicken I’ve ever tasted.. Waoo.. My stomach feels good. The bus starts moving, my window is open, what a breeze.. the sweat is gone.. feeling fresh, I kick back.. take my shoes off and start looking out the window. Green everywhere.. Guatemala is good. This trip is good.. I’ll be back. 🙂

Kristijan Špirić

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