You are man and woman


Everybody is a man and woman, and you should become aware of it.  Everybody is both but up to now the society has been conditioned in such a way, we have been taught and brought up in such a way that man is man, woman is woman. This is very false arrangement, untrue to nature. If a man starts crying and weeping, people start telling him, ” Don’t weep like a woman, don’t cry like a woman; don’t be a sissy.” This is nonsense – because a man has as many tear glands in his eye as a woman. If nature had not meant him to cry and weep then there would have been no tear glands.

Now this is very repressive. If a girl starts behaving like a man, is ambitious, aggressive, people start thinking that something is wrong: something hormonal is wrong. They call her a tomboy; she is not a girl. This is nonsense! This division is not natural; this division is political, social.

Women have been forced to play the role of women twenty-four hours a day, and men have been forced to play the role of men twenty-four hours a day – which is very unnatural and certainly creates much misery in the world.

There are moments when a man is soft and should be feminine. There are moments when the husband should be the wife and the wife should be the husband, and this should be very natural. And there will be more rhythm and more harmony. If a man is not supposed to be a man twenty-four hours a day, he will be more relaxed. And if a woman is not supposed to be a woman twenty-four hours a day, she will be more natural and spontaneous.

Yes, sometimes in a rage a woman becomes more dangerous than a man, and sometimes in soft moments a man is more loving than any woman – and these moments go on changing. Both these climates are yours; so don’t think you are becoming schizophrenic or something. This duality is part of nature.

It is a shift: a few hours you are man, a few hours you are woman. If you watch it exactly you can know exactly how many minutes you are a man and how many minutes you are a woman. It is a periodical change. In yoga they have worked hard on these inner secrets. If you watch your breath, that will give you the exact time. When one nostril, the left nostril, is breathing you are feminine. When the right nostril is breathing you are male. And after nearabout forty-eight minutes they change.

Continuously – day and night – this change happens. When you are breathing by the left nostril your right-brain hemisphere functions; the right is the feminine part. When you are breathing from the right nostril your left brain functions: that is the male part. And sometimes you can play games with it.

If you are very angry then do one thing: close your right nostril and start breathing by the left, and within seconds you will see the anger has disappeared – because to be angry you need to be in the male part of your being. Try it and you will be surprised. Just by changing the breath from one nostril to another something of tremendous importance changes. If you are feeling very cold toward the world then breathe from the left nostril and let your imagination, fantasy, warmth flow in – and you will suddenly feel full of warmth.

And there are acts which can be done more easily when you are in the male climate. When you are doing something hard – carrying a rock, pushing a rock – check your nostril. If it is not in the male climate it is not good. It may be dangerous for the body; you will be very soft. When you are playing with a child, or just sitting with your dog, feel that you are in the feminine – more affinity will arise. When you are writing a poem or painting or making music you should be in the feminine – unless you are trying to create war music! Then it is okay, you should be in the male climate- aggressive.

Watch it, and you will be becoming more and more aware of these two polarities. And this is good that these two polarities exist; that’s how nature arranges for rest. When the male part becomes tired you move to the female part; the male part rests. When the female part is tired you rest; you become male. And this is an inner economy – one goes on changing. But your society has taught you wrong things; that man is a man, and has to be a man twenty-four hours a day – this is too much of a duty. And a woman has to be a woman twenty-four hours a day – soft, loving, compassionate; this is too much of a duty. Sometimes she also wants to fight, be angry, throw things. And this is good, if you understand the inner play.

These two polarities are a good inner play – the play of consciousness. This is how God has become divided in you, to have a play of hide-and-seek with himself. When the play is over, when you have learned that which is to be learned from the play, when the lesson has been learned, then you pass beyond. The ultimate stage is neither male or female: it is neutral.




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